GPS Devices Guide: 10 GPS Forums and How They Can Save Your Bacon

GPS tracking devices and conveyable GPS units are hot commodities at this time and lots of web marketers and entrepreneurs are cashing in from this trend. However, consistent use will finally take a heavy toll on these devices: hardware goes wrong, damaged parts, software applications bugging down and a whole lot of issues typical of […]

Social Media and Website Development

Launching a new website requires extensive planning, organizing, and strategizing. One of the key components towards a successful web site is effectively marketing and promoting your website. The key aspect of any social media marketing campaign relies on building “social authority.” Social authority is developed as an individual or business establishes themselves as an “expert” […]

Recruitment Techniques to Identify and Weed-Out Fake Applicants

It is understood across verticals, that hiring the right set of people is primary to ensure success of the project. However, sourcing people with the right-fit domain competency, recognized certification, real-time project expertise and proven technical skills has proved to be a daunting task for recruiting firms, and HR Managers. The reasons are explicit: Majorly, […]