Celebrating Holi in Ethnic Indian Clothes

India is often considered as a land of colors. The various hues intrinsic to the diverse regions and cultures of India are often expressed in the daily lifestyle, clothing and rituals of the natives of those regions. India is indeed a land of colors, both literally as well as metaphorically, since the diverse cultures of India truly present a wonderful variety of colors. Being a land of colors, Holi, the festival of colors, is much awaited by Indians. This festival of color is celebrated with much joy and fun throughout India, especially in the northern part of the country. The history of Holi goes back almost to the 7th century according to few sources which implies that Holi is one of the ancient festivals of India with a rich history to it.

Holi is a celebration of colors. It is a day filled with fun and frolic because it is one celebration where adults let go of their restraint and enjoy this festival like kids. Smearing of color powders on each other, spraying water colors from water guns alternatively known as holi festival pichkaris, throwing water balloons at friends and family form the major rituals of Holi celebration. Preparations for the Holi festival start well in advance especially by the kids of every family.

Apart from getting and arranging the right colors to buying water guns and other such fun stuff for Holi, deciding what to wear on Holi also becomes quite important. A popular practice is to fish out old white clothes or clothes in lighter shades from the closet and wear it on Holi. While most followed this practice years back, nowadays the trend is to buy new Holi clothes thanks to the variety of clothes offered at competitive prices and also the fact that people are becoming increasingly fashion conscious with each passing day.

Being a traditional festival, ethnic Indian Clothes are preferred for Holi. It is a popular practice, which has almost translated into a Holi fashion rule, for men to wear Kuta Pyjama or Churidar Kurta in shades of white, cream, beige, etc. Women are spotted in white or cream colored Sarees, Salwar Kameez or Churidar Kameez. Younger women nowadays opt for white Anarkalis too and this indeed looks fabulous. White Holi Clothes distinctly exhibits all the various bright Holi colors that has been smeared or applied on a person and that’s basically the reason that white Holi Clothes has become an equally important tradition of Holi.

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