Christmas Sermon Outlines – Hope and Joy

Often times when we preach Christmas Sermon Outlines we end up having and unintended effect. Whether we mean to or not people can walk away feeling guilty and beat down. This is not the feelings that people should walk away with any time we preach but especially this time of year. Christmas is not about guilt or feeling bad about yourself but instead is about hope and joy. That is the message we should be bringing to the people who walk into our churches.

Not to mention that so many people are camisa crista already dealing with tough emotions as Christmas approaches. This time of year often reminds people about the loss of a loved one or a family relationship that has been broken. Others are simply reminded of the financial struggles they are facing as they try to keep up with all the world tells them they should be doing this time of year. Your Christmas Sermon Outlines should be bringing hope and joy to these situations not more gloom and despair.

Granted, many times regardless of what we do people will walk away feeling bad or angry at us. That is just the way they are geared or a product of the situation they are in. There is nothing we can do about that. But we can work hard to make sure that whenever possible we are not dumping on people but are instead relieving the burden they feel. Try to choose your words carefully. Also, work on putting yourself in their shoes. Try to imagine how someone who is going through hard times might feel as they hear the words they are sharing. You may want to just come out and specifically let people know that you are sharing a message of hope and joy and not one of guilt.

People’s reactions are often out of our control but we want to be mindful that we are doing everything we can to bring hope and joy instead of guilt as we prepare our Christmas Sermon Outlines.

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