Frequently Asked Questions about Online Embroidery Digitizing

If you have been thinking about planning to work with some online embroidery digitizing services, then there are quite a few basic questions which you will be hitting your mind all the time.  Well, if your mind is also stuck with some questions, then you are not alone. Right here we will be explaining a few of the fundamental questions which you should be asking an online embroidery digitizing company before hiring them:

What do they know about Embroidery Digitizing?

It would help if you were asking the professional expert about what is their concept on embroidery digitizing.  Online embroidery digitizing is a process that is all about the artwork on a piece of clothing. You will be using an image which you can stitch on embroidery clothing through the use of software or machine. This is an important point to keep in mind. By availing the use of an embroidery machine, you can easily print the image on jackets, towels, bags, or caps.

What Does Your Consultant Do?

As you will be getting your work digitized on a piece of clothing, you have to take guidance help of some expert specialists. You cannot perform this whole artwork alone or if you are a beginner. They will be assessing the original set of the image to make it sure that it has been entirely embroidered. If in case you feel that the image needs some modifications, a professional graphic consultant will make it happen for you.

If you want to choose any color or font over your clothing, a consultant will help you a bit to pick the best one for yourself. Once you are fully satisfied with the design, the artist will create a final image for yourself.

What type of software do you use?

One of the best software, which you can use for embroidery digitizing, is WILCOM software. It is expensive to purchase, but at the same time, it is one of the best software options to look for it right now. This is an important point to keep in mind.  It is also adjusted with Corel Design Studio as the custom graphics will be created once they are done with the Corel.

What will be the Cost?

Well, another important question which you need to mention about the online embroidery digitizing is that you should know about the cost. Some of the embroidery experts will be charging you on the per hour basis, but many of them will be charging you based on the whole project work. Before you choose any company or professional expert and hire them for the services, make sure that you get a piece of complete knowledge about their budget as well.


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