GPS Devices Guide: 10 GPS Forums and How They Can Save Your Bacon

GPS tracking devices and conveyable GPS units are hot commodities at this time and lots of web marketers and entrepreneurs are cashing in from this trend. However, consistent use will finally take a heavy toll on these devices: hardware goes wrong, damaged parts, software applications bugging down and a whole lot of issues typical of electronic devices.

As a user or a businessman reselling GPS devices, it might be to your benefit if you’re knowledgeable about Problems, issues and related resolutions that users face-off with these devices. In this case, the best source of info would be those shared in the various forums and chat groups visited by GPS device users.

You can pick up a little that would help you fix similar Problems you are confronting with your units. Many of these discussions are combinations of real experiences by users as well as shared technical info and information from hardware and software pros all that you need to make things work and solve your issues.

I have taken a look at 10 of the biggest GPS forums online and given a brief description of them below. If you are selling GPS devices online then it would be a good idea to either get involved and up your knowledge of GPS devices or point some customers towards these forums to help them better understand the devices they use.

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* GPS Discussion

Website: gpsdiscussion [dot] com
Members: 7826

One of the more conspicuous elements in the are the most recent reports feeds from major OEM providers that would prove relevant to owners of certain brands of GPS devices. The forum is specified correctly with sections dedicated to certain popular GPS OEM brands as well as a section on cellphone GPS. Aside from that, the forum also has sections on: GPS POIs, Waypoints, and Routes; Mods and Firmware; a For Sale and Wanted section; and GPS device reviews.

* GPS Underground

Website: gpsunderground [dot] com / forum /
Members: 73,113
Active Members: 59,821

GPS Underground is a big forum on GPS-related topics, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it was just been hit by a hack attack, reputedly from a previously trusted ex-member, destroying a considerable number of posts and threads in the act. The community is vibrant until now with a good share of active members against total membership unlike any other forums where active members consists only a small fraction of the total number of members.

The forum has a paid download section but the freely available sections of the forum feature GPS navigation systems, OEM brands, maps, software, and info about unlocking GPS devices and updating maps.

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