Resume Service Ratings

If you’re thinking of using a resume service, you may feel a little uneasy about it.  You send off a big chunk of money and are nervous about what you’ll get in return.  If you feel your resume is in good condition, your fear is for a couple hundred dollars you get a “your resume looks great – not much we can do to improve upon it”.   But, based off customer reviews of resume writing services, you may be surprised with the result.

Customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their experiences with resume services.  If you read testimonials on the website of the company, it’s not surprising to find glowing reviews.  But, there are objective websites out there that compare resume services and allow customers to leave independent feedback.

If you are considering using a resume service, I highly recommend taking advantage of independent review sites.  You can find them easily by googling “resume service ratings” or “resume service reviews”.  There are a handful of sites that provide user feedback for you to review.

These review sites are also a valuable tool because they have already done the research to find companies offering quality resume services.  This can be a real time saver for you – visit a few sites and you’ll have direct links to the top resume services.  Additional information may also be presented such as costs, turn around time, and specialties, if any.

Whichever service you choose, be sure to find out if they employ certified professional resume writers (CPRW). Most review sites only list companies that use CPRWs. To be a certified professional resume writer, individuals must pass an exam to demonstrate their expertise in resume writing, proofreading, career trends, and employment issues.  Certifications are issued by Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches.  You can visit their website to find certified resume writers as well.


There are a few other ways to do some research on a company as well.  Try googling the company name to see what comes up.  Occasionally, you can find a blog describing a person’s experience with that particular company.  You can also check with the Better Business Bureau.  Some companies are accredited or members of the BBB.  Businesses that apply to the BBB commit to abide by a set of ethical standards and have undergone a detailed review process.  Even if a company is not registered with the BBB, customers may still file complaints.  It’s always a good idea to do a quick check to make sure the company you’ve selected hasn’t received numerous complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

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